• public school

    Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery

    Learn Buddhism and at the same time teach English to Buddhist monks & nuns by volunteering in Buddhist monastery & nunnery.

  • childhood

    Early Childhood Development

    If you are child lover and enjoy teaching them through drama, arts, and social games then book your place at VIN established ECD centers.

  • women

    Women Empowerment

    Support Nepalese disadvantaged women to become self sufficient by providing them life changing training and education.

  • school

    Youth empowerment

    Teach life skill to Nepalese youth and stop huge brain drain of Nepal. Make them responsible for local community development.

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Volunteer Projects

Nepal falls under the latest developed country in the world. Except some few cities of Nepal, most of the areas lack basic infrastructure. Nepalese government can’t allocate sufficient budget for the rural area’s development because it lacks fund. These areas need support of foreigner’s donation and non government organization’s help for the establishment of basic infrastructure. Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN), being a nonprofit organization offer various volunteer projects such as youth empowerment, women empowerment, teaching, and children development for the welfare of marginalized community. Our each volunteer project is design for the development of particular disadvantaged area of rural community. While working in our project, volunteer feels giving something useful to backward society at one hand and other hand, learns local culture and tradition. We feel proud to offer qualitative projects to our volunteer. We are not claiming it baselessly. From our returned volunteer we came to know that our volunteer projects are really the need of our marginalized community. Apart from that, we are able to build good relationship with international volunteer organization like CCIVS, NVDA, and EU Alliance just because of our work in disadvantaged community. WE are most reliable volunteer organization of Nepal and mobilize hundreds of volunteers annually for the benefit of rural society.

Available Volunteer Projects

youth empowerment

Volunteer in Nepal: Youth Empowerment

The aim of VIN's Youth Empowerment program is manifold. First, it seeks to prepare Nepali adolescents for their future by enhancing their social and professional skills. Secondly, it strives to allow them to

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women empowerment

Volunteer in Nepal: Women’s Empowerment

Working towards women's empowerment enables you to support women in their pursuit of healthy and sustainable livelihoods. Women's groups provide a forum for issues such as family

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public school

Volunteer in Nepal: Teaching English at Community Schools

In this day and age of an increasingly global, interdependent world, knowledge of additional languages is always a benefit to a person's career and personal life, and this is especially so for a language as

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Volunteer in Nepal: Summer Volunteer & Trekking

VIN is dedicated to promoting the most affordable and exciting travel and volunteering programs in Nepal for the betterment of local communities in need and for the enrichment of the lives of global

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travel tour

Volunteer in Nepal: Summer Volunteer Travel Tour

VIN is dedicated to promoting the most affordable and exciting travel and volunteering programs in Nepal for the betterment of local communities in need and for the enrichment of the lives of global

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orphanage home

Volunteer in Nepal: Orphanage Homes

I participated in VIN’s Volunteer program during my spring break, and I can honestly say that it was the one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was a perfect way to really experience Nepalese culture, as

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fund raising

Volunteer in Nepal: Fundraising and Grant Writing

VIN is a non-profit non-governmental-organization based in Nepal. Lacking a funding agency, VIN therefore is looking for a grant writer and fundraiser who can write project proposals based on real

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childhood development

Volunteer in Nepal: Early Childhood Education

As a general rule, little effort is made on the behalf of the Nepali government or the private sector to address early childhood nurture and development. Recently, however, the government has

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Volunteer in Nepal: Construction and Manual Work

Our construction and manual work volunteer project is designed to link local and overseas volunteers who would like to contribute to sustainable development within Nepal with disadvantage

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computer technology

Volunteer in Nepal: Computer Technology

The majority (more than 90%) of public schools do not have access to computers. Very few public schools have the newly introduced Information Technology (IT) centres with limited computers

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