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Volunteer in Nepal: Youth Empowerment

Project Overview

Project: Youth Empowerment
Start Dates: 1st and 3rd Monday of each month
Language Requirements English (Basic Nepali is provided)
Food and Accommodation: Nepali standard with a host family in the working community
Key Activities: Working with youth Club: English Language, computer technology, career development workshops, sports
Beneficiaries: 18 to 30 years of local youth
Working Hours: 3 to 5 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week
Required Qualifications and Skills: Knowledge and Skills on Youth Empowerment

 Youth Empowerment Overview

The aim of VIN’s Youth Empowerment program is manifold. First, it seeks to prepare Nepali adolescents for their future by enhancing their social and professional skills. Secondly, it strives to allow them to develop the confidence needed to deal with the important issues affecting both themselves and their community. Finally, the program organizes and coordinates activities for youth and adults alike in children’s clubs, women’s clubs, and in the community.

In short, it is the mission of the program to encourage youths to be a substantial part of VIN’s endeavor to bring about changes in the lives of children and their communities, with the development of important life and career-oriented skills occurring along the way. Volunteers are warmly welcome to contribute in any way possible (e.g. facilitating programs and providing materials) to strengthen local community children and adolescents. With your assistance, we can achieve the goal of widespread social responsibility amongst Nepal’s younger generation.

Key Programs

  • To develop life skills in youth and employ them for local community development processes.
  • To equip and provide volunteers with a platform with which to link their academic learning into practical life.
  • To provide vocational skills for those who are lacking in formal education.
  • To make youths to be proactive instruments for social transformation and fighting against existing prejudices and discrimination.
  • To oversee and facilitate a local youth club in the Jitpur community representing youth from all ages. More information is available here
  • To provide opportunities for service to both local, national, and international level volunteers.

Roles of Volunteers

  • Conducting English language classes for the local community
  • Conducting workshops on career development topics such as CV writing, interview skills, formal letter writing, etc.
  • Helping youth plan their monthly activities
  • Conducting vocational and technological training
  • Conducting life skills training such as decision making, problem-solving, coping with stress, communication, etc
  • Organizing competitive activities such as quizzes, debates, speeches, etc.
  • Organizing visits to resourceful places from where youth can acquire skills
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